The Hiding Place is a Christian Home for a new beginning setup for the rehabilitation of drug addicts, ex-prisoners, alcoholics, gambling addicts, homeless orphans, inhalant abusers, wayward teens, young offenders, troubled youths and those in need of help.


Established in 1973, students from the Singapore Bible College responded to the late Rev. Henry Khoo’s call to do outreach work for drug addicts at the opium treatment centre in St John’s Island. The regular visits to the Island led sis Christina Chan to start the first Christian Halfway House in Singapore which eventually was renamed, The Hiding Place.


Mrs Christina Chan came in 1973 together with Pastor Philip in 1976, to respond to God’s call to reach out to those in need. Both trained at the Singapore Bible College, they set up this Christian Home called the Hiding Place in 1978, with the motto, “As long as we live, we will open our door to any one who knocks.” They initially reached out to drug addicts but has since opened their door to many others in need. They operate a 24/7 resident live-in ministry Christian Home, acting as parents to the residents in the Rehabilitation Programme.


As a former heroin addict, Pastor Philip Chan was set free from the drugs by the power of the Gospel. He believes that Christianity has much to offer in the Rehabilitation of drug addicts and has since dedicated his life to this cause. Therefore, the mission objective of The Hiding Place is quoted from Colossians 1:28-29 "We proclaim Him, admonishing every man and teaching every man with all wisdom, so that we may present every man complete in Christ".

For every person who enters our doors, we promise to mould them in the way our lord and saviour Jesus Christ would want us to.

Pastor Philip was called home to be with the lord on 3rd Feb 2020. He was 69 years old.

Pastor Tan Hock Seng

I was enrolled into the Hiding Place programme in 1981 by my eldest brother. Towards the end of the one-year programme, the late Pastor Philip challenged me to help out as a staff helper. I learnt to shoulder the responsibility of being a staff helper, then a staff, and then as a Pastor. I did not volunteer myself - the late Pastor Philip ‘volunteered’ me all the way. I always thought to myself, “Just one more year, and then I am out of here.” Now, in 2020, it is almost going to be 40 years that I have stayed and worked in The Hiding Place. Looking back, I learnt that God is faithful, and with that understanding, I am looking forward with anticipation to see “what great things He has in store for The Hiding Place”.


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The Hiding Place believes in transparency by publishing our yearly reports with up to date information on our finances.


The Hiding Place believes in transparency by publishing our yearly reports with up to date information on our finances.

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Office Address: 5A Jalan Haji Salam, Singapore 468746
Phone: +65 6483 5348 / 6483 0036

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