We provide a 12-month residential rehabilitation programme which comes in three phases:
Each stage takes up to four months. Our programmes will help you get balance in different aspects: living, spiritual, vocational, educational and recreational. Restoring life balance will always be our top priority.


Although our programme also emphasises other aspects, we recognise that the spiritual aspect must be given top priority. Our Ministry has helped and nurtured numerous over the years, many of which have concluded that religion plays a vital role in the rehabilitation of drug addicts. We are confident that when a resident repents and turns to God who has planned a way for them, they will have a success story to tell the world.


The preparation of the residents to face the competitive world when they leave, is the next importance through our Drug Rehabilitation Programme. The vocational emphasis seeks to train the residents in work skills, to shape their attitudes and to inculcate responsibility. Residents are taught skills as well as various culinary and service sector related skills.


Education is encouraged as far as possible. Young residents study under Home Tuition provided by volunteer tutors to allow them to attain their GCE 'N' or 'O' Levels certificates. Residents who have already completed their secondary education will be sent to public schools such as Polytechnics to be equipped with a diploma. Residents are also equipped with basic knowledge in computer and IT.


Recreational activities are important for fitness and to help one remain mentally alert and active. It helps build character through discipline. In addition, we believe that if we can interest the residents and emphasise the importance and benefits of being involved in sports, it would divert their attention from drug-taking to a more healthy recreational activity.

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Office Address: 5A Jalan Haji Salam, Singapore 468746
Phone: +65 6483 5348 / 6483 0036

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